OK, OK, we're pretty sure this is just an innocuous candid shot of Lindsay Lohan at last night's Knicks-Lakers game, but still... *People's Eyebrow* [TMZ Sports]

We've seen off-the-backboard alley-oop dunks before, but never one that resulted in a facial this brutally emasculating. In a high school game, no less. [Prep Rally]

Let's hope this NCAA Football 11 simulation of tonight's BCS title game resembles what we'll see tonight.
[ESPN Page 2]

Even in defeat, DeSean Jackson found a way to hog the camera. He's just that dude, people. [SB Nation]

The Onion's new SportsCenter parody premieres on Comedy Central tomorrow night. The trailer is only marginally funny, but props for the show's hilarious name: SportsDome. [The New York Times]

Much funnier: Fallon and friends' version of "The Super Bowl Shuffle." [Gawker.tv]

There's "crazy ups," "mad ups," and "stupid ups"—and then there's the ridiculously-fucking-stupendously-unbelievable ups of strength trainer Jack Cascio. Watch this dude jump out his skin. [ESPN Page 2]

Meet (and ogle) Kristina Akra, Fox Sports' version of Erin Andrews. Eh. [Total Pro Sports]

Liverpool's Ryan Babel is catching heat for a reactionary tweet after yesterday's FA Cup loss to ManUtd, but at least give the Dutchman credit for being somewhat creative. [Dirty Tackle]