It’s refreshing to see the long-time brand of gentlemen, Aston Martin, embrace its growing hip hop fan base. However, it’s not the name-dropping, self-professed “fat motherf***er” the marque has tapped to be its latest pitch-artist. Instead, Aston Martin enlisted the help of the one-man-band man to promote its groundbreaking sport sedan, the Rapide.

The four-part film, produced in conjunction with Swizz Beatz, highlights the car’s design and on-road capabilities, while keeping the James Bond-ish “secret agent” vibe. Taking things a step further, the film has a hidden code, good for a downloadable Aston Martin wallpaper to those who manage to crack it. Still not impressed? Suggest an ending before the final episode is revealed on February 2nd, and you could win a trip for two to France’s 24 Hours of Le Mans race weekend, on top of other prizes from the movie’s numerous sponsors.

As for why Aston tapped Swizzy over Ricky, we can only assume that since the Rapide’s tag-line is "True Power", keeping it real was a big concern. No really though, watch episodes one and two below and you’ll see that Swizzy's just a better fit—pun intended?

Part I

Part II

Check back for Part III on January 26.

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