In a Florida high school basketball game, one player got so pissed about the foul called on him that he did what practically every player has wanted to do to a referee. [Dime Magazine]

For team that has hundreds of different jersey combos, the Oregon Ducks are going with an all-new look for their BCS Championship Game. What a surprise. []

With the NFL regular season coming to a end and the Cincinnati Bengals going nowhere fast, Terrell Owens is back to his usual blame-game routine. [ESPN]

Ankle-breakers aren't only seen in basketball. Tom Ince (that's Paul's son) of Notts County made a fool of his defender with this ill move. [Dirty Tackle]

With one backboard-shattering dunk, Andy Agvi caused unnecessary mass pandemonium. You would swear these people have never seen a dunk like this before. []

Albert Haynesworth is not taking his suspension for the final four games of the season too kindly. He plans to appeal the suspension with the help of Player's Association. The only problem? The NFLPA doesn't really give a shit. [Deadspin]

If this rumor turns out to be true, the soon-to-be Brooklyn NBA team will have supplanted the "Thunder" as Worst.Team Name.Ever. [Ball Don't Lie]