The Packers visit New England on Sunday evening, while the Metrodome collapse is forcing the Vikings outdoors to host Da Bears at the University of Minnesota stadium on Monday night. Keep reading as seven editors predict the outcomes of the aforementioned games, as well as the ones involving their favorite teams. In descending order by record, here are the editors' Week 15 picks...

<!--more-->nygbannerNAME: Joe La Puma, senior editorial strategist (30-11)

1 P.M.) PHILADELPHIA @ NEW YORK GIANTS: "Giants, 21-14. Bet on Big Blue at home, and our defense disrupting Vick."

SNF) GREEN BAY @ NEW ENGLAND: "New England, 24-10. The Pats are peaking at the right time."

MNF) CHICAGO @ MINNESOTA: "Chicago, 14-3. Vikings have been done for a few weeks now."

billsNAME: Jason Sfetko, assistant art director (30-15)

1 P.M.) BUFFALO @ MIAMI: "Miami, 27-13. "

SNF) GREEN BAY @ NEW ENGLAND: "Green Bay, 24-17. I think this will be closer than everyone thinks, predicting an upset. Clay Matthews will be in full-on beast mode."

MNF) CHICAGO @ MINNESOTA: "Chicago, 17-10. It really doesn't matter where this game will be played, Chicago will win no matter what."

coltsNAME: Peter Rubin, executive editor (26-14)

1 P.M.) JACKSONVILLE @ INDIANAPOLIS: "Indianapolis, 28-24. Okay, AFC South, let's be serious. You think any of y'all are gonna take it this year? FOH."

SNF) GREEN BAY @ NEW ENGLAND: "New England, 38-10. The Belidicks love beating up on cripples, and a Rodgers-less Pack O is the very definition. I wish I had more to say, but I'm blinded by rancor right now. BECAUSE I HATE THE PATRIOTS AND THEY'RE DOING THAT THING WHERE THEY RUN UP SCORES FOR NO REASON. I just hope David Tyree is somewhere getting psyched up."

MNF) CHICAGO @ MINNESOTA: "Chicago, 17-14. Gross. Just gross."

nygbannerNAME: Justin Monroe, senior staff writer (25-16)

1 P.M.) PHILADELPHIA @ NEW YORK GIANTS: "New York Giants, 27-24. The Eagles won the first round, but even then, the Giants D abused Vick like PETA in pads. With the division on the line, I see the G-Men knocking Vick, then Kolb, out of the game. By the end of the game, I fully expect head coach Andy Reid to be taking snaps. Unfortunately for him, he's lost some of his old size advantage."

SNF) GREEN BAY @ NEW ENGLAND: "New England, 45-17. Aaron Rodgers should make sure his concussion keeps him out of this one-sided reaming, even if the only stars he's seeing are Tom Brady and Gisele."

MNF) CHICAGO @ MINNESOTA: "Chicago, 27-10. Like NORE, the climate-controlled Vikings enjoy their dome. They ain't fucking with the Bears in the Minnesota cold."

redskinsNAME: Donnie Kwak, senior deputy editor (26-16)

1 P.M.) WASHINGTON @ DALLAS: "Washington, 35-10. Sexy Rexy's gonna get the start, it appears. The Skins have had a lot of colossal management fails, but this McNabb mess ranks up there with the worst of them. Anybody got Jason Campbell's number?"

SNF) GREEN BAY @ NEW ENGLAND: "New England, 38-10. It must be fun to root for the Pats."

MNF) CHICAGO @ MINNESOTA: "Chicago, 20-0. Favre Dong, the death of Chilly Chill, the Metrodome Collapse, Favre Dong Injury—somebody needs to hook the Vikings up with another sex boat on Minnetonka. They deserve it this year. Sidebar: If former Redskin Patrick Ramsey makes it into the game at QB, I will roflcopter all night long."

raidersNAME: Jack Erwin, senior editor (24-21)

4 P.M.) DENVER @ OAKLAND: "Raiders, 39-7. Playoff aspirations are on life support, but there's plenty still to play for, including a .500 record and a sweep of division opponents (the latter guaranteeing the former). This is the easiest game left, so let's handle business and mark the Broncos as the AFC West's new doormat."

SNF) GREEN BAY @ NEW ENGLAND: "Pats, 33-7. Ouch. Packers looked so solid for a minute, but that was back in November when they still had half their starting backfield upright. This is looking like one of those New England years. (Although do I see the Chargers going to Foxborough and winning the AFC Championship to confirm my Super Bowl pick? I just might.)"

MNF) CHICAGO @ MINNESOTA: "Bears, 15-3. This should be fun to watch for 15 minutes for the novelty alone. O/u on players knocked fully unconscious by the frozen turf is 4."

49ersNAME: Gina Batlle, assistant photo editor (22-20)

TNF) SAN FRANCISCO @ SAN DIEGO: "49ers, 34-13. After last week's game, I think we're in it to win it."

SNF) GREEN BAY @ NEW ENGLAND: "Patriots,30-24. The Pats are on a roll, and the Packers just lost to the Lions, so there's that."

MNF) CHICAGO @ MINNESOTA: "Bears, 24-17. It's gonna be ice cooooooold."


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