Yes, this SportsCenter anchor may be responsible for Roethliscockbergergate, but at least she didn't screw up Peyton Manfucking's name. [SB Nation]

With Randy Moss out of Minnesota, who wants to buy a Vikings #84 jersey? It asks its own questions during press conferences! [SB Nation]

Speaking of Moss, here's a rundown of his best quotes—AutoTuned for your sanity listening pleasure. [YouTube]

If players can taunt other players, why can't coaches taunt other players too? Oh, because every player who's not a kicker could cram the coach's head into his own rectum? Yeah, we didn't think of that either. [AJC Blog]

Sports history is full of animals who have ventured onto the field with disastrous results. Now there's a new one to add to the list. DUCK! No, really, a duck. [Total Pro Sports]

The Saskatoon Blades of the Western Hockey League release the ugliest jersey ever. Not counting The Situation's sister. [Yahoo Sports]

The most famous third-string quarterback ever, Tim Hasselbeck (yeah, the one married to the nitwit) decides to regale us with some of his experiences with the Allen Iverson of NFL practices, Donovan McNabb. Back to obscurity with you, bald sir! []

Now that you have won the World Series, Tim Lincecum, how will you celebrate? Hint: It's not Disneyworld! [Yahoo Sports]