NICKNAME: The Derby Capitale
HISTORICAL RECORD: 165 matches: Roma - 59W, Lazio - 47W, 59 draws
COMPLEX SAYS: To generalize a little, this derby pits the working-class left-wing Roma fans against the wealthier, right-leaning Lazio followers. The arch-rivals share one ground—the Stadio Olympico—where they occupy opposite ends: Lazio, the Curva Nord (North End), and Roma, the Curva Sud. Violence is a problem, and has coincided with the rise of the "ultras." A Lazio fan was killed in 1979.
MEMORABLE MATCH: November 29, 1998, Lazio 3-3 Roma. The highest-scoring draw in the history of the fixture (two others have finished 3-3) saw Roma finally end Lazio’s five-match derby winning streak. The Biancocelesti looked all set for a sixth success and were 3-1 up with just 12 minutes to go, but Di Francesco and Totti (of course) hit back.
NEXT MATCH: March 13, 2011