Halloween brings us the Steelers and the Saints on Sunday Night Football, while the Texans try to prove they're for real (again) in Indianapolis on Monday night. Who's gonna win each game? Keep reading as seven editors predict the outcomes of the aforementioned games, as well as the ones involving their favorite teams. In descending order by record, here are the editors' Week 8 picks...

<!--more-->nygbannerNAME: Joe La Puma, senior editorial strategist (15-4)

SNF) PITTSBURGH @ NEW ORLEANS: "Pittsburgh, 21-10."Pitt is on the upswing with Big Ben, while New Orleans is second-guessing their star quarterback Drew Brees. Black and yellow, black and yellow.

MNF) HOUSTON @ INDIANAPOLIS: "Indy, 28-14. I have to root for one Manning this weekend, and Eli's off. Hayyy Peyton.

billsNAME: Jason Sfetko, assistant art director (14-7)

1 P.M.) BUFFALO @ KANSAS CITY: "Kansas City, 31-24. Buffalo looked strong last week, but only 'cause they had an extra week to prepare. Look for them to get back to their losing ways."

SNF) PITTSBURGH @ NEW ORLEANS: "Pittsburgh, 28-27. Big Ben is back and the Saints are slumping."

MNF) HOUSTON @ INDIANAPOLIS: "Houston, 21-17. Houston's defense comes up big in this game. Arian Foster will go off, too. "

nygbannerNAME: Justin Monroe, senior staff writer (12-7)

SNF) PITTSBURGH @ NEW ORLEANS: "Pittsburgh, 24-20. Few places go wild on Halloween like New Orleans, but I don't think the Saints will be able to 'mask' the fact that they have runs like a constipated cripple recently—especially not against the scary-ass Steelers defense. On the bright side, Saints fans can always throw on a Big Ben jersey and say they're dressed as a rapist."

MNF) HOUSTON @ INDIANAPOLIS: "Indianapolis, 45-38. Peyton Manning is money on Monday nights, and this one is gonna be like that cinematic classic Lesbian Cock Haters #9—no D at all."

coltsNAME: Peter Rubin, executive editor (12-7)

SNF) PITTSBURGH @ NEW ORLEANS: "New Orleans, 27-17. Sputter long enough and the engine'll catch. Also, and I'm not sure if this qualifies as football analysis, but Ben Roethlisberger can eat a dick. Against his will. What? It's karma!"

MNF) HOUSTON @ INDIANAPOLIS: "Indianapolis, 30-27. I got this one wrong last time—thank you, Colts Run D!—but a bye week has to be good for something, even if it can't bring Dallas Clark off IR or fix Addai's shoulder, Donald Brown's hamstring, or Peyton Manning's uncanny resemblance to Sloth from The Goonies. Looks like Anthony Gonzalez is back to act as the crucial melanin-deficient element to Naptown's three-receiver sets, so the ball's gonna rack up some frequent-flier miles in this one."

redskinsNAME: Donnie Kwak, senior deputy editor (12-8)

1 P.M.) WASHINGTON @ DETROIT: "Redskins, 23-20. Last year, we visited Ford Field in Week 3 and gifted the Lions their first win in, like, forever—an early sign that our whole season was fucked. This year, if we catch a dub in Detroit, we'll be 5-3 heading into the bye. Not bad. I made a bet with a Lions fan that we'd end up with a better record than them at season's end. Easy money. This game will be close, but only because all Skins games have to be close. Oh yeah...MEANGELO!"

SNF) PITTSBURGH @ NEW ORLEANS: "New Orleans, 30-24. N.O. is 4-3 and the NFL pundits are all super-alarmed on some 'what's wrong with the Saints???' steez. Shieeeeet, I remember when Aints fans would've killed for four wins at this point in the year. Guess one ring can spoil you. Anyway, this is kind of a must-win for them, so I think Drew will show out. My Spidey sense also tells me that Roethlisberger is gonna get concussed this game."

MNF) HOUSTON @ INDIANAPOLIS: "Houston, 35-30. Biggest game in Texans history right cheah. The Colts gotta fall off at some point, right?"

raidersNAME: Jack Erwin, senior editor (10-12)

4 P.M.) SEATTLE @ OAKLAND: "Oakland, 59-14. A few weeks ago I picked the Raiders to beat San Diego, 27-3. They didn't quite make that 24-point spread, but they did hang an upset loss on the hated Chargers, and I thought 27-3 would be a great score for the next week. It wasn't, 1. because the Raiders lost to the 49ers the following week, and 2. because 59-to-fucking-14 is a much better score. Win here, at home, against the friggin' Seahawks, and 'we' are 4-4 heading into a matchup with Kansas City for the division lead. Not bad."

SNF) PITTSBURGH @ NEW ORLEANS: "Pittsboigh, 25-20. When the NFL sked was announced, whenever that was, I'll bet Big Ben had this one circled immediately. But now that he can't spend his time in the Big Easy plying coeds with Hurricanes, expect him to be all business and have a solid outing against the Saints. Could it be the reigning Super Bowl champs don't even make the playoffs?"

MNF) HOUSTON @ INDIANAPOLIS: "Indy, 35-24. Ol' Linus Manning doesn't have his trusty, crusty security blanket Dallas Clark for the rest of the season, but here's saying that don't matter and the Colts exact revenge on their way to their umpteenth consecutive AFC South title."

49ersNAME: Gina Batlle, assistant photo editor (7-13)

1 P.M.) DENVER @ SAN FRANCISCO (in London!): "San Francisco, 24-13. After that loss last week, we really need this."

SNF) PITTSBURGH @ NEW ORLEANS: "New Orleans, 35-24. Gotta give it to the reigning champs. "

MNF) HOUSTON @ INDIANAPOLIS: "Indianapolis, 37-17. I believe in Manning. "


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