It's a mega-day of Pick 'Em this week, with a full slate of Thanksgiving games (it's only a matter of time before the NFL schedules all teams to play on Turkey Day) along with the regular Sunday and Monday matchups. Thursday brings the Patriots to Detroit, the Saints in Dallas, and the Bungles on the road against the Jets in the nightcap. Next Sunday night features the Chargers at Indy, while we're looking at another MNF fail when Arizona hosts the Niners. C'mon ESPN. Do better. Keep reading as seven editors predict the outcomes of the aforementioned games, as well as the ones involving their favorite teams. (Week 11 props go to @JLaPuma for correctly picking the exact score and result of San Diego's 35-14 win over Denver.) In descending order by record, here are the editors' Week 12 picks...

<!--more-->nygbannerNAME: Joe La Puma, senior editorial strategist (20-9)

THANKSGIVING #1) NEW ENGLAND @ DETROIT: "New England, 28-10. Tom Brady and Co. takes care of business on Turkey Day."

THANKSGIVING #2) NEW ORLEANS @ DALLAS: "New Orleans, 20-10. Dallas is on a hot streak, but N.O. will quiet them down."


1 P.M.) NEW YORK GIANTS @ JACKSONVILLE "Giants, 28-17. We'll be back this week, even without Nicks. "

SNF) SAN DIEGO @ INDIANAPOLIS "Indianapolis,35-24. Manning over Rivers, always."

MNF) SAN FRANCISCO @ ARIZONA: "Arizona, 14-10. Who cares."

billsNAME: Jason Sfetko, assistant art director (22-11)

THANKSGIVING #1) NEW ENGLAND @ DETROIT: "New England, 42-24. This one might get out of hand real quick. Although Detroit does play their best on Turkey Day."

THANKSGIVING #2) NEW ORLEANS @ DALLAS: "Dallas, 31-27. Dallas is 2-0 with Garrett. This is my upset pick of the week. "

THANKSGIVING #3) CINCINNATI @ NEW YORK JETS: "JETS, 27-16. Cincy might as well just throw in the towel after their debacle last week against my Bills."

1 P.M.) PITTSBURGH @ BUFFALO "Pittsburgh, 30-17. Buffalo is on fire right now, but the steel curtain should put that fire out."

SNF) SAN DIEGO @ INDIANAPOLIS "Indianapolis, 30-23. I don't see Indy losing two in a row."

MNF) SAN FRANCISCO @ ARIZONA: "San Fran, 22-16. I'll be honest, I just flipped a coin for this one."

coltsNAME: Peter Rubin, executive editor (19-11)

THANKSGIVING #1) NEW ENGLAND @ DETROIT: "New England, 28-14. C'mon, man. Here's the thing: Detroit is my NFC team (wifey's from the D), but how am I gonna look picking them on Thanksgiving when they haven't won since 2003? YEEEEAH HOWZABOUT SOME RESEARCH-BASED ANALYSIS?! However, Ndamukong Suh is a beast...even if he's not Samoan like my ignorant ass thought."

THANKSGIVING #2) NEW ORLEANS @ DALLAS: "New Orleans, 28-21. The reincarnation of the Cowboys has been greatly exaggerated. Even Thanksgiving's quasi-Christian sentiment (manifestdestiny FTW!) can't spur Jon Kitna and his evangelical minions on to victory week."

THANKSGIVING #3) CINCINNATI @ NEW YORK JETS: "New York, 24-23. Santonio's back in the mix, and T.O.'s headed to Revis Island. Palmer? I hardly know 'er!"

SNF) SAN DIEGO @ INDIANAPOLIS "Indianapolis, 31-28. If this were in SD, it'd be a pimpers' paradise for Rivers' goofy ass—the Chargers have always has Peyton's number—but never count the Horse out when they're at home."

MNF) SAN FRANCISCO @ ARIZONA: "America's Narcolepsy, Infinity-0. Tryptophan-infused leftovers x horrible football = naptime."

redskinsNAME: Donnie Kwak, senior deputy editor (19-11)

THANKSGIVING #1) NEW ENGLAND @ DETROIT: "Patriots, 34-28. Pats will go up big and then give up mad garbage points by the end. Good news for Megatron owners."

THANKSGIVING #2) NEW ORLEANS @ DALLAS: "Saints, 35-10. Time to put Kitna back in his place. With Jesus."

THANKSGIVING #3) CINCINNATI @ NEW YORK JETS: "Cincy, 24-20. Now that the Bungholes have no chance of going anywhere this season, they're gonna start winning some games. That's what mediocre franchises do. Your boy Sanchize gonna have a stinker, I can feel it in the air like B. Siegs."

1 P.M.) MINNESOTA @ WASHINGTON "Skins, 21-19. I know I said we'd lose this game last week, but fuck it, I'm a Redskins fan. It doesn't take much to make us foolishly optimistic. The tough part is playing a team with a new coach—they inevitably perform better. But Favre Dong's gonna throw an inopportune Funball to MeAngelo late in the fourth; then, we're gonna win when McNizzle shows off his cardiovascular energy on a last-minute drive, culminating in a Fred Davis TD. The camera will pan to a joyous Skins sideline—save, Albert Haynesworth, who will look like Shanny just farted in his mouth."

SNF) SAN DIEGO @ INDIANAPOLIS "San Diego, 27-20. This is the Chargers' season right here. There's no way I'd bet on them (+3), but I have a feeling that Indy won't be able to stop them when they need to."

MNF) SAN FRANCISCO @ ARIZONA: "Cards, 17-7. Really?!?"

nygbannerNAME: Justin Monroe, senior staff writer (18-11)

THANKSGIVING #1) NEW ENGLAND @ DETROIT: "New England, 35-14. It's so cooooold in the D. Hopefully it fucks up Brady's perm."

THANKSGIVING #2) NEW ORLEANS @ DALLAS: "Dallas, 35-31. Wade Phillips gives thanks that the Cowboys have been playing hard—you know, ever since they got him shit-canned. Thanks a lot."

THANKSGIVING #3) CINCINNATI @ NEW YORK JETS: "New York Jets, 30-24. Who to pick: the team that can't win a game or the one that can't lose? On the bright side, Cincy has two stars players on a reality show that also sucks."

1 P.M.) NEW YORK GIANTS @ JACKSONVILLE "New York Giants, 31-10. With a bunch of picks against the Cowboys two weeks ago and a costly late fumble on an illogical dive against the Eagles Sunday, Eli showed what a boob he can be. This week, however, the Jags get a tough titty."

SNF) SAN DIEGO @ INDIANAPOLIS "Indianapolis, 42-38. Peyton is done falling off, even if his hair isn't."

MNF) SAN FRANCISCO @ ARIZONA: "San Francisco, 17-7. No matter who wins this equivalent of a D-III game, we all lose for having to watch it. Scheduling FAIL."

raidersNAME: Jack Erwin, senior editor (18-15)

THANKSGIVING #1) NEW ENGLAND @ DETROIT: "New England, 30-26. I'm not crazy, I'm not going to actually pick the Lions here. But I can see the Lions making a game of this. Or not! We're not picking against the spread, so maybe next week I'll just call this a typo and say I meant to pick the Pats 30-6."

THANKSGIVING #2) NEW ORLEANS @ DALLAS: "Dallas, 27-23. Could've been a marquee matchup, still could be a good game. This is some going-out-on-a-limb shit, but the 'Boys don't have much to play for; this could be their biggest game left in the season."

THANKSGIVING #3) CINCINNATI @ NEW YORK JETS: "Cincinnati, 20-16. I'm not sure I really even think this, I just hope the one game I actually get to watch on Thanksgiving turns out close."

4 P.M.) MIAMI @ OAKLAND "Raiders, 24-13. This is a must-win, and a big-time rebound game after Sunday's debacle in Pittsburgh. 10-6 and Oakland can win the AFC West. 10-6 ain't happening if they lose this game."

SNF) SAN DIEGO @ INDIANAPOLIS "Indianapolis, 37-34. I picked the Chargers to win the Super Bowl, but now that the Raiders have a chance and the Chargers are turning it around themselves, I really hope I'm wrong. FWIW, this is how you schedule a prime-time game."

MNF) SAN FRANCISCO @ ARIZONA: "San Francisco, 27-19. Neither of these teams is eliminated from the playoffs. Pathetic."

49ersNAME: Gina Batlle, assistant photo editor (14-17)

THANKSGIVING #1) NEW ENGLAND @ DETROIT: "Patriots, 34-13. I mean, really."

THANKSGIVING #2) NEW ORLEANS @ DALLAS: "Saints, 27-17. Klash of the ex-Kardashians. "

THANKSGIVING #3) CINCINNATI @ NEW YORK JETS: "Jets,27-17.Solely based on who's team has better reality shows."

SNF) SAN DIEGO @ INDIANAPOLIS "Colts, 38-24. Those Peyton are still funny (to me)."

MNF) SAN FRANCISCO @ ARIZONA: "San Francisco, 17-10. I'm a 9ers fan, what can I say?"


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