I feel like I say this every October, but here goes: the MLB Playoffs are shaping up to be very cool this year. Look, if you don't like baseball, you ain't gonna watch (Jersey Shore's on Thursday night, right?), and if you do, you will watch (where's my "Genius at Work" sign?)—but if for some reason you're undecided vis-a-vis the whole America's Pastime question, here's five quick reasons you might enjoy this year's postseason:

It hasn't been a big money type of year. Of course the Yankees are in it, but no Red Sox, Cubs, or Mets (LOLz) means that only two of the top nine highest-paid teams (the Yanks and Phillies) made the postseason. The squads with the 21st- (Rays) and 27th- (Rangers) highest Opening Day payrolls both made the cut.
It has been a good year for very good teams. For the first time since 2004, and only the third time since the wild card was introduced in '95, all eight teams have at least 90 wins.
New, young stars. America, meet David Price, Jason Heyward, Joey Votto, and Buster Posey.
Five words: outdoor October baseball in Minneapolis. Expect to see those really cool Elmer Fudd-style fitteds with the ear flaps.
Great story lines. But for that, you'll have to read on...