Matchup: Atlanta Braves vs. San Francisco Giants
Payrolls: Atlanta ($84.4 million) vs. Giants ($97.8 million)

Feel-Good Story: Bobby Cox, Bobby Cox, Bobby Cox. The Braves' long, longtime manager is retiring after this year. This is the guy that 95% of over-35 white America is rooting for. Go Giants! Advantage: Giants

Style Points: Giants' ace Tim Lincecum has taken the baseball mullet to such previously unseen lengths that he almost looks cool. Almost. But we can't go with the Braves, because as soon as they announce the starting lineups in the ATL the crowd's gonna start doing the fucking Tomahawk Chop. Advantage: Giants

On the Field: Good pitching beats good hitting; the Giants have the former, the Braves don't even really have the latter. Advantage: Giants

Prediction: Probably the most lopsided of the Division Series. Giants in 3