Predictions? Oh yeah, we got 'em. How about, "The World Series will begin tonight!" A safe bet? Breaking news-style catastrophes notwithstanding, we think so. A bold prognostication? No, but given our track record forecasting this year's MLB Playoffs, we're sticking with the sure shots. To wit: we had both the Yankees ("superior at every position except centerfield") and Phillies ("some of the most professional hitters in the sport") winning their LCS matchups in 6 games (they both lost in 6). And then there's this doozy from our Division Series preview: "If Rangers' ace Cliff Lee (he's been injured and inconsistent the second half of the year) can hold his own against Price tomorrow, this will be interesting. My guess is he won't though..." So yeah, when it comes to the World Series, we'll just stick with "If they play, they'll wear hats."

But just because we don't know what's going to happen doesn't mean this Rangers-Giants Fall Classic isn't going to be, well, classic. One city is going to celebrate its first World Series championship (the Giants won a few in New York, but haven't since moving to San Francisco in '58; the Rangers have never won), we'll get to see Josh Hamilton face off against Tim Lincecum (and Matt Cain), and it'll all happen in beautiful ballparks. Those are three great reasons to watch this year's World Series; see below for five more.