Price: $529
Type: Hybrid
Why It's Dope: "We don't carry mountain bikes. We don't carry anything that has suspension. All that suspension, which is great when you're riding off-road, is actually a detriment when you're riding on asphalt. Instead of your energy going into making your bike go forward, your bike is kind of going back and forth, so you're wasting your energy. Also, suspension forks add about three or four pounds to your bike, and for customers living in walk-ups, that's a huge weight.

"The D440 is the one play towards mountain bikes we have in the shop. It's called a Twenty Niner. Out West, people started putting full-sized wheels on mountain bikes and calling them Twenty Niners and putting these fat tires on them. The people who want the comfort of a mountain bike, this is what you want to ride in the city. You have the fat tire, you have the full-sized wheels, so it's going to be a much faster bike, but you'll get the comfort. You could go off-road on this, or ride some dirt or gravel. It's probably one of the most comfortable bikes to ride in the shop. People who want a 'dude's' bike with big wheels that looks tough and want to hit the curb without caring, this is the bike."

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