ISSUE: During Urban Meyer's five-year tenure at the University of Florida, there have been 30 arrests involving 27 players. Meyer expressed his frustration following the most recent arrest, involving wide receiver Chris Rainey.
WHITEY FORD SAYS: Meyer can't be blamed for his players' reckless actions. Thugs might be athletic, but at the end of the day they're still thugs. They don't belong on the gridiron, they belong behind iron bars. Riddle me this: What is the racial breakdown of the players arrested? Yeah. Thought so.
DARK MAN X SAYS: So golden boy Tim Tebow leaves and all of a sudden everyone looks at the team's rap sheet? FOH.
COMPLEX SAYS: The Gators' on-field success and arrest record off of it reminds us of the U back in the day, except they would all give up their left nut to be half as badass. Pause.