Serbia don't play, son. Oklahoma City center Nenad Krstic went WWE to protect one of his teammates in a game-ending brawl against Greece in Athens. Krstic was later arrested and released. Note: These two teams could face each other again in next month's FIBA World Championship in Turkey. Grudge match! [SportingNews]

Who's gonna be the one to tell Ray Lewis that a Christian rap album is not a good look? Uh...not us. [ReverbNation]

Moving on to non-Christian rap: Brandon Roy got a little flak for being in a video in which people are puffin' blunts. But he gets a lot of flak for co-signing a group that sucks donkey balls. [Seattle Times]

Buffalo Bills rookie C.J. Spiller definitely upped his fantasy football draft status with this ankle-breaking run last night. [SB Nation]

Looks like traveling man Robinho is going to Turkey...but which team will win the bidding war? []

An Alabama walk-on does a perfect impression of Nick Saban to the howling delight of his teammates. As a white WR, it's good that he's already exploring other career possibilities. [SB Nation]

Ken Block is dropping the Gymkhana 3 video next Tuesday—that's motorsports, not martial arts. Still ill as fuck, though. [Rad Collector]