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Not since the heyday of the LIVESTRONG bracelet (circa 2004) have we seen a product so quickly grip the wrists of a nation—no, not Silly Bandz, you pedophile. We're talking about Power Balance bracelets, rocked by everybody from Shaq Diesel to the Netherlands World Cup team to, uh, DJ Pauly D. And unlike Lance Armstrong's yellow joints, the PB wristbands do more than tell the world that you hate cancer. Or so they say: The holograms attached to either side of the silicone PB bracelet have embedded frequencies that connect to the wearer's natural energy field (on some acupuncture shit) and (claim to) maximize balance, flexibility, and strength. WTF?!?! Power Balance was originally designed for athletic use, but can (conveniently) be worn by lazy fucks, too. We tried on a sample bracelet and all we can say is...yeah, something feels...different. But at $30 a pop, is this just another marketing hoax? See below to vote on whether you would Cop It Or Not and for Buy It Now info...

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Power Balance Silicone Wristband
Click Here to Buy It Now at Power Balance, $30