ISSUE: Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson said Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert's criticism of LeBron James is a "slave master mentality" and that Gilbert sees LeBron as a "runaway slave." Gilbert responded by saying he strongly disagrees with Jackson's comments and he refuses to offer any further response.
DARK MAN X SAYS: The Rev, of course, is right...but I'm sure Kunta wouldn't have minded being called Toby for over $100 milli.
WHITEY FORD SAYS: Where was this bitching and moaning about "slavery" when Gilbert gave LeBron millions to get his family out of the projects? No, you can't have your fried chicken cake and eat it, too.
COMPLEX SAYS: We enjoyed the whole "NBAers as slaves" rhetoric way better when Grandmama was spouting off a decade ago. Reverend Jesse? Meh.