Complex says: Elia is perhaps the surprise on the list given his sparse playing time. Used as a late substitute, the wide attacker has proven that he has pace and dribbling ability to burn. The Dutch have had a somewhat cautious approach to the finals but Elia could yet prove the trump card in the final itself. He's looked at as an immediate threat every time he's taken to the field—especially in the opener against Denmark—and could be the go-to guy if Holland falls behind.
Team that should buy him: The future of the Dutch team, and a good gamble for any big side looking for some youthful and zesty attacking. Elia is only 23 however, and still has some way to go, so the big sides may leave him to Hamburg for the next couple of years. Hamburg's style and the more relaxed environment could be perfect to help him thrive—plus they only signed him last summer!