Juggalos... We can't figure out whether to laugh or be depressed. Take a look at these captivating images from photoggalo Jason Shaltz. Bonus, there are excerpts in Shaltz's own words that begin with the immortal sentence, "I am the biggest Juggalo in the 5 boroughs..." [Mishka NYC]

Check out A.P.C.'s simple and classic Spring/Summer 2010 collection. It's all available now in London, but your local J.Crew shop should have very similarly styled (as in, the same) pieces in stock. [Hypebeast]

He of the truncated trouser leg, Thom Browne, discusses menswear trends, sartorial slip-ups and unsurprisingly thinks most men wear clothes that are too big for them. [WSJ Magazine]

SF artists Barry McGee and Clare Rojas are slated to unveil their exhibitions at the secluded Bolinas Museum this weekend. Respectively entitled "Leave It Alone" and "Together At Last," this curation is a must-see since the couple are taciturn and the interplay will likely speak volumes. [SlamxHype]

Keep your cool by shooting yourself in the face with this hopelessly hip Gun Fan. You're just five bucks away from being awesome. [The World's Best Ever]

Beautiful European soccer fields through the lens of Dutch photographer Hans van der Meer. We're hoping his next project will be on beautiful and lonely European soccer moms. SMILFs FTW! [Design Boom]