Venus got mad cheeky with it at the French Open over the weekend. Our only question: Can Serena wear this, too? [Terez Owens]

We gotta be honest, we didn't even know Jason Williams was on Orlando until this series. With that said: "Can you guys please back the FUCK up??? Thank you." [The Big Lead]

Remember John Wall's flush on Stackhouse last summer? Well, this facial from a 5'8"(!) blue-chipper just replaced it as the "dunk-from-a-HS-kid-that-makes-you-go-OH-SHIT!!!" He's headed to Mizzou, btw. [Dime Mag]

Vince Young tries his hand at freestyle rapping at a Ludacris show. Uh...well, he's prolly better than Kerry Collins. [You Been Blinded]

TNT's Craig Sager breaks down his suit game to Jemele Hill. [ESPN Page 2]

Alexander Ovechkin's year of Ls continues at the world hockey championships. [Detroit Free Press]

Baseball writers chime in with their memories of the late Jose Lima. R.I.P., homie. [Big League Stew]