Our favorite ESPN eye candy is vying for the Dancing with the Stars crown tonight. Yeah, we'll peep. [ESPN Page 2]

The Flyers are in the Cup(!) and this female Philly fan is profanely excited. F-bombs on live TV, will they ever get old? [SB Nation]

This video of a high-school football star body-slamming his algebra teacher is making the rounds. They say they were "playing around," but the teacher got fired anyway. Get your weight up, algebra teacher. [Dr Saturday]

If we told you there was an NBA player who made $57,267,294 in his career and is still massively in debt, what team would you guess he played for? [NYMag.com]

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Jabulani, the official ball of the World Cup. [Guardian]

Now 21, Ryan Sheckler is ditching MTV and all that bling shit and going back to the basics: skating. [ESPN]

The Maloof Money Cup touches down in Flushing, NYC on June 5, and VBS.tv just dropped the first in a four-part mini-series preview. Dope video. [Rad Collector]

First, the Panthers hired Dale Tallon, and now the Lightning got this gold-medal/Stanley Cup-winning legend as their new GM. The Southeast Division might not suck that bad next year. [National Post]