Not only do athletes amaze us with their superhuman feats on the playing field, but also with their astounding levels of scumbaggary off it. On the heels of Tiger Woods' philandering, we found out earlier this week that ex-New York Giants star-turned "Today" show correspondant Tiki Barber is leaving his pregnant wife (with twins!), Ginny, of 11 years to shack up with a 23-year-old NBC intern, Traci Lynn Johnson. Of course this is the same guy who's been very critical in the press of his own absentee and philandering father.

But then again, jocks and hypocrisy go together like Chuck Taylors and blue laces, so Barber is not an innovator or setting any kind of precedent with his latest actions. Complex takes a look at some other athletes who left women at home knocked up with a baby so they could go spray someone else with their babies...

<!--more-->Karl Malone

VICTIM: Gloria Bell
WHEN: 1983
WHAT HAPPENED: Although Malone has been married to former Miss Idaho USA winner Kay Kinsey for the last 20 years, when he was 20, he impregnated one of his neighbors from his hometown of Summerfield, Louisiana, then 13-year-old Gloria Bell. Her family opted against criminally charging Malone for statutory rape because imprisoning Malone would prevent him from providing financial support for his son. After a paternity suit was filed, Malone eventually settled out of court and offered Bell an undisclosed lump sum of money. Malone met his son Demetrius Bell (who went on to play for the Buffalo Bills) only once. At the time he was 18 and Malone told him, "It's too late for me to be your father, and you'll earn your money on your own."
COMPLEX SAYS: You ever wondered why Karl Malone never won a championship? Karma's a bitch, baby.


VICTIM: Sally Carey
WHEN: February 2006
WHAT HAPPENED: If you aren't familiar with Wayne Carey here's a little summary to help you out: He's the Mike Tyson of the Australian Football League. Carey abandoned his wife Sally for model Kate Neilson six weeks before his wife gave birth to his daughter, Ella. BTW: Carey and Neilson broke up later after Carey assaulted her with a wine glass, cutting her face.
COMPLEX SAYS: Abandoning his wife might be the worst thing he ever did but then again this is same guy who once had an affair with his best friend's wife, has been arrested for domestic abuse and drug use, and groped a woman on the street and asked her, ""Why don't you get a bigger pair of tits?" This might be one case where we co-sign being an absentee father.

Brady Bridget

VICTIM: Bridget Moynahan
WHEN: December 2006
WHAT HAPPENED: Brady started dating actress Bridget Moynahan in 2004 but they broke up in December 2006 which is right when Moynahan became pregnant. By the time Moynahan announced she was three months pregnant Brady had already started dating supermodel Gisele Bündchen. He later married Bündchen and had a son with her.
COMPLEX SAYS: How has Brady not caught any flack for this abandoning his pregnant girl for a supermodel? We thinks someone's been playing the race card...

Alcides Escobar

VICTIM: Leury Escobar
WHEN: October 2008
WHAT HAPPENED: In October 2008, Milwaukee Brewers' shortstop Alcides Escobar decided to spend the winter playing baseball for the Cardenales de Lara in Venezuela. Only problem was his wife was six months pregnant and was having trouble getting into Venezuela. So Alcides went off to Venezuela without her and got a new squeeze while he was down there. According to Leury, not only did Alcides call his wife from Venezuela and tell her he found someone better than her but he also called her fat. And for good measure, he had his mistress start calling her, texting her, and even sending her pictures of them together via email.
COMPLEX SAYS: Abandoning your wife is bad enough. But calling her fat? That's just plain mean.


VICTIM: Ginny Cha
WHEN: April 2010
WHAT HAPPENED: Barber and his wife have been married for 11 years and have two sons together, but that didn't stop Barber from cheating on his pregnant wife with their young, hot, and blonde babysitter, Tracy Lynn Johnson, for going on two years now. To add insult to injury, Johnson posted pictures online of Tiki's Maserati with the caption "boyfriend's whip" and another one wearing his jersey. Tiki, you better get your hoe in check. As you already know, they two are headed for splitsville and Johnson is the main reason.
COMPLEX SAYS: We'd love to make fun of Barber but we hear his lucrative contract with NBC's Today show will end soon. Barber has largely been seen as a disappointment on screen so all this drama gives NBC the perfect opportunity to can him without feeling bad. First you miss out on the Giants' historic Super Bowl run in 2007 after talking shit about Eli Manning and now you get fired from you job? Don't be mad Tiki, you did it to yourself.



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