At the Geneva Auto Show, German tuning company Hamann unveiled their Conqueror II model based on the Range Rover Sport. The follow up to the original Conqueror carries on with usual Hamann tradition with a 560 hp and 506 lb-ft torque V8 benefiting from a revised engine management system and a sport exhaust, Hamann body kit, Hamann wheels and a modified Hamann interior. It all sounds dope. But then again, it has to be, considering there are a number of companies out there customizing luxury SUVs with their own aftermarket parts. Check out five of our favorites below...


Brabus GLK V12

Based On: Mercedes-Benz GLK

Complex Says: Brabus knows a thing or three about tuning Mercedes. The internationally known aftermarket company has built some of the fastest Mercedes-Benzs on the road, including this all-black GLK V12. To make MB's baby SUV hit 60 mph in 4.2 seconds, they somehow crammed a 740 hp V12 engine under the hood. Yeah, it's horrible on gas, but if you're buying it for $541,000 on it, we're sure the price of fuel doesn't worry you.


Gemballa GT Aero 3

Based On: Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Complex Says: Porsche's SUV is already a pretty capable performer, with a top of the line Turbo model putting out 500 horses. But for those that want a little more exclusivity, there are plenty of choices, including Gemballa's GT Aero 3. Not only did they modify the motor to put out 750 hp with a custom gearbox and engine cooling system, they slapped on a grip of aero bits and pieces to make it look as mean as it is fast.


Holland & Holland Range Rover by Overfinch

Based On: Range Rover Supercharged

Complex Says: When it comes to SUVs, you can't get any more luxurious than a Range Rover. They've all but perfected that balance between old money posh and true all-terrain performance. Range Rover tuner, Overfinch, took the idea one step further with their Holland & Holland collabo. H&H specializes in custom gun and hunting gear for the high-brow outdoorsman. What you get with this version is opulence on four wheels. Hand veneered wood is placed throughout the interior, and in the trunk is a bespoke wooden gun cabinent completely with H&H artillery. It's the ultimate off-roader.


Falcon X5 by AC Schnitzer

Based On: BMW X5

Complex Says: German tuning outfit, AC Schnitzer used a custom box to electronically upgrade the X5 with around 30 more horses. To make it handle and sit better they swapped out the suspension for their own suspension kit. They modeled the exterior after the Peregrine falcon, the fastest bird in the world. We don't really see it, but it still looks cool to us.


Hamann X6 Tycoon

Based On: BMW X6

Complex Says: We didn't think BMW's awkward looking crossover could look so gangster. We guess that's what happens when you throw on a custom wide body kit, a new bumper unit with Audi like LED day time lights and a set of dope wheels. Combine that with their custom module that electronically increases the engine power to 360 hp from 306 hp, and an exhaust that lets the whole system breathe a little better and it seems the ultimate driving machine just got a little better.