You thought you looked like an idiot when you threw on the IMAX 3D glasses to watch Avatar? Well, rest assured there is someone out there that looks a thousand times sillier than you ever will. Who is that someone? Whoever bought one of these As Seen On TV Hats (real name, all gimmick) and actually wore it.

The ASOTH, or Asshole Hat, is a hat (or visor) that allows you to connect your iPod, iPhone or BlackBerry and watch videos hands free. We're not sure when or where you're supposed to wear this thing—they suggest the beach or gym. But we do know that if you really wanted to watch a movie or TV, you might as well have kept your ass at home, as no one, male or female, will come around you. Don't think it's that bad? Hit the jump to see a video of this thing in action. [LINK]


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