There's nothing like a new car. Except for a dope old car. It's fun looking through all the new models that drop each year and picturing which ones would like nice outside your crib. But, more often than not, we find ourselves thinking about all the cars we pined over back in the day. Or cars that came out before we had a license. It's like going back to your high school reunion and hollering at the cheerleaders you couldn't hit off back when you were younger. That's where Dope Used Car comes in. Since we troll the 'Net looking at used cars anyway, we figured we'd share our findings with y'all.

First up: a 1995 Land Rover Defender 90. One of our favorite SUVs would be great to have if you lived in the boondocks or Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. It's reliable, can drive over anything, and, like Snooki, can take a hit or two from bad parallel parkers. More importantly though, when summer finally gets here, you can pull the top off and let the titties out! All for about the price of a new top of the line Honda Accord. Check out the details below...

Price: $26,900
Mileage: 114,510
Location: Nashville, Tennessee


• Though built since '83, the Defender, which was a continuation of the Land Rover Series 1 model, didn't hit our shores until 1993. It wasn't even called the Defender until three years before that. This example has been kept pretty damn clean, meaning the owner probably didn't take off the pavement. When they first came over, they came in one color: white. This model comes in bright yellow. It may seem like too much, but just wait till you hit the beach.


• The Defender 90 is what Land Rover calls "utility vehicles". They weren't meant to roving land yachts like the Range Rovers. They were meant to be used as a tool. That's why you see the utilitarian styling, the exterior "safari cage" roll cage. Some models came with a cloth top, but this one rocks a hard top that completely disconnects leaving the rear exposed.


• All that utility meant the interior was going to be as sparse and purposeful as the exterior. That means barebones: no air bags, very little sound insulation, and no floor carpeting. In 1998 when federal regulations required all cars sold in the US to have driver and passenger airbags as well as side door impact protection, Land Rover said eff and stopped selling them over here. That doesn't mean you're riding around in a Flinstone car: it does have adjustable bucket seats, rubber floor mats, and a CD player. What more do you need?


• The best part—besides the looks and removable top—is the engine. This one comes with the 182 hp 3.9 liter V8 putting out 232 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels. More than enough power to get through heavy snow. You control all that power using a 5 speed transmission and a 2 speed manual locking transfer gearbox if you want to venture off-road with it. The gas mileage isn't too good at 13 city/ 16 hwy; neither is the over mileage on the engine: 114,510 miles. But Land Rovers, especially the utility ones can rock for ever, and they're one of the more rare SUVs on the road today.