DATE OF INCIDENT(S): 2005, 2007
WHAT HAPPENED: Crashed her $160,000 Mercedes-Benz SL65 roadster while being chased by paparazzi. and has been involved in a series of car crashes since 2007, with one landing her in jail on misdemeanor charges for driving under the influence. Not to mention, police also found cocaine in her car. But, let her tell it, it's not her fault: In a 2009 interview with Interview magazine, Lohan blamed the paparazzi: "My car accident that I got into, where I got my first charge, I wouldn't have been speeding up like I was if I didn't have people shoving cameras in my windows. I was running away from the paparazzi. So, you know, it's OK for someone to chase me and then try to cut me off so I ram my car into a tree. ... I mean, I know this guy was trying to do his job, but his 'job' almost landed me half-dead." Riiiiiiigggght.