We have to admit, we're slightly jealous of you. NBA 2K10 dropped yesterday (as did NBA Live 10) and while most of you broke night playing it, we're at work. But now it's your turn to be jealous because while you sat at home enjoying your brand new 2K10 game (and your now weed plate 2K9 case), we were kicking it with 2K rep Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls. Rose is not a man of many words, but who needs words when you're Rookie of the Year? His stats do all the talking.

Since we obviously couldn't challenge his real-life game, we had to check his gamer credibility. We chatted Derrick up about NBA 2K10, his thoughts on the unlockable player Kanye West, and his team's plans for next season. If you haven't already purchased NBA 2K10, peep Derrick's trailer after the jump. Oh and make sure you've got 60 bucks in your wallet, because yeah, it's that good...

Interview by Andrew Rivera

Complex: Are you a big fan of the NBA 2K series?

Derrick Rose: Yeah, I've always been a fan, I've been playing it for a long time. That's probably the only game I really play right now.

Complex: Did you have any particular favorite growing up?

Derrick Rose: No I didn't really have any growing up. I had a lot of adventure games growing up, but I caught myself up on 2K games.

Complex: Since you're on the Bulls, we'd guess you probably use them more now, but did you ever have a preferred team?

Derrick Rose: I actually don't play with the Bulls, I play with the Lakers and I guess my fans play with the Bulls.

Complex: The draft feature is a big deal. Everyone is buzzing about making their own character and in a way raise it through the summer camps and D-Leagues. How close is the game to the real-life experience?

Derrick: Oh it's real close. Its kind of like personal on the game. You actually do stuff that you really do in the combine. Really I didn't have to do that much because I think that the top five or six players don't really have to do that much but on the game you play against each other in scrimmage, work on your skills, and hopefully you'll get drafted. On the game, if your player's that good you can transfer him over to the 2K10 game.

Complex: Other than the draft, what would you say is your favorite aspect about 2K10?

Derrick Rose: I played it a little bit and I like my jump shot on there now.

Complex: Was there a problem with it? Did they not make it up to your standards?

Derrick Rose: Nah, it wasn't great at all last year. [Laughs.] This year it's following my style a little more so I'm happy about it.


Complex: Does it look better or does it play better?

Derrick Rose: Everything is better. Looks better, the play style is better, and the visual on there you can tell they really put some work on there. Like they made my jumper better but they changed my crossover a little bit more. They put some crossovers there that I did in the game and I like it. I go up in the hole, you can change your lay-ups a little bit more in the game. Pull up below the shoulders, you can do all that stuff in the game.

Complex: That's cool. You had mentioned before that you don't play with the Bulls, so what's it like when you have to play against yourself in the game? Is that a conflict for you?

Derrick: Yeah, it is kind of hard. You want to see yourself be good but I still want to win the game. So if like somebody dunks on with me with myself I'm kind of mad about it, I'll probably have to stop for a little bit. [Laughs.]

Complex: You use the Lakers, so how about when it's you playing as Kobe and you have to dunk on yourself?

Derrick Rose: Its funny only because when I'm playing the game it's amusing. [Laughs.] But you gotta know it's just a video game. In real life I won't ever jump early for the block.

Complex: There are some unlockable players in the game, including The Game, Wale, and Kanye West—rappers who all claim they play a fair amount of ball. How do you think a one-on-one game with you and Kanye West would go? In real life, would you just destroy him?

Derrick Rose: Yes! [Laughs.]

Complex: But he's Kanye. His hometown is Chicago, the same town you play for. Can't you take it easy on him?

Derrick: [Laughs] Nah, it doesn't matter, it's over. That's not his field. That's like my going into the booth and trying to write 16 bars to go against his.

Complex: So basically it's a stay-in-your-lane thing?

Derrick Rose: Yes. Absolutely.

Complex: You were on the cover of Kicks magazine. Do you have any favorite kicks of all time?

Derrick Rose: Of all time? Nah, I don't have any of all time. Adidas are putting some out right now that I like. I like all shell-toes and they really have some hot ones coming out that everyone is going to really enjoy I think. But other then that I don't really mess with sneakers.

Complex: Who is the most famous celebrity that you've played NBA 2K10 or the previous 2K games against?

Derrick Rose: I'm about to play Kobe later on today actually.

Complex: What are your predictions?

Derrick Rose: I think I'm going to win. You know he has too much stuff going on right now. [Laughs.] Shit, he's gotta worry about being the best in the NBA and all this other stuff. Me, I've only got to worry about the games. I'm only 20—I don't got no chicks, he's got a wife and all that stuff. So there's way more stuff to worry about.

Complex: So isn't it going to be awkward when you try and play him with the Lakers?

Derrick Rose: No, I'm going to go with the Bulls on this one but if I wasn't, it would be the Lakers of course. I will dunk on him though, as me in the game.

Complex: [Laughs.] Good to know. So what else have you been doing before the NBA season starts?

Derrick Rose: Right now my biggest thing is to improve my all-around game. Gotta get back as quickly as possible to my team so we can get can start things early so we can try to jell quick. Our biggest thing as an organization right now is winning. If you don't win, something's wrong. Winning takes care of everything, so our biggest thing is winning.

VIDEO: NBA 2K10 Game Trailer