As promised last week, we're back to bring you more Complex predictions for the 2009 MLB playoffs, just in time for the NLCS which starts at tonight with the Dodgers vs. Phillies (the Yankees and Angels start their tilt tomorrow).

Once again we're taking the unconventional route with our predictions, basing them on the vital but often over-looked details, such as city life and intangibles like celebrity fan match-ups (Alyssa Milano vs. the Philly Fanatic). Let the statheads rattle their Sabre(metric)s about stuff like WHIP and which catcher is the best at blocking sliders in the dirt (ayo!); we went 3-4 in our first round predictions, so we're sticking to our guns. Read on for our extensive analysis and check back in a couple weeks for our World Series preview...

MATCHUP: Yankees vs. Angels

ON THE FIELD: The Yankees-Angels series went 5-5 this season, however, the Angels remain the only American League team with a winning record over the Yankees this decade (50-41), and have made the Yankees their bitches a few times in the playoffs already (2002, 2005). Advantage: Angels


CITY LIFE: New York is known as the city that never sleeps, and although the Angels tried to gain some more recognition by adding "Los Angeles" to their team name in 2005, they still play in Anaheim. Which means all the city really has is 45 Carl's Jr.s, three Benihana's, and Disneyland. Advantage: Yankees


INTANGIBLES: New stadium, same mystique. The Yankees christened the old Yankee Stadium in 1923 with a championship, with the way things are going what makes you think this year will be any different? Advantage: Yankees

PREDICTION: Yanks have the better night life and same old mystique. Yeah the on the field stuff matters too, but they only lost that slightly... Yankees in 7.

MATCHUP: Dodgers vs. Phillies

ON THE FIELD: The Dodgers have home field advantage and won the season series vs. the Phillies 4-3. However, Philadelphia had the best NL road record this season and beat the Dodgers in five while on the road in last year's NLCS.Advantage: Even.


CITY LIFE: Los Angeles is known for three things: hot women, warm weather and hot, warm trannies that look like Jay Leno but are way funnier celebrities. The City of Brotherly Love on the other hand...Rocky and cheese steaks? Advantage: Dodgers


INTANGIBLES: As with any sport, fans are the always the extra man on the field, so who you gain support from matters. The Dodgers have celeb fans like Alyssa Milano, the Phillies have... the Philly Fanatic??? Advantage: Dodgers

PREDICTION: The Phillies have the slight on the field advantage but home field + seeing Alyssa Milano at each home game = Dodgers in 6.