When somebody fights the Yankees, we all win.

A lot of people hate New York, but we can all agree that the Yankees are Satan's baseball team. That's why we love to see the Bronx Bombers get into a brawl, because there's always the chance that one of the ridiculously overpaid mega-stars will get lumped up. Naturally we enjoyed the action last night when New York catcher Jorge Posada fought with Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher Jesse Carlson over a warning pitch, a glare, and a bump. Tragically, none of the Yankees who spilled out onto the field were hurt, depleting the team's postseason roster. As the bruises heal, Complex revisits other times the hated Yanks took one on the chin...

Don Zimmer (NY Yankees) vs. Pedro Martinez (Boston Red Sox)
WINNER: Pedro Martinez
COMPLEX SAYS: OK, beating on old people is not funny—it's hilarious! Especially when they're wearing pinstripes.

Dave Winfield (NY Yankees) vs. Mike Heath (Oakland A's)
WINNER: Mike Heath
COMPLEX SAYS: Every fight needs a good soundtrack, and chin music sounds great when thumping on a Bronx Bomber.

Alex Rodriguez (NY Yankees) vs. Jason Varitek (Boston Red Sox)
WINNER: Jason Varitek
COMPLEX SAYS: Too much therapy clearly made the Yankees slugger soft. Look at A-Fraud trying to shout it out instead of just taking the offensive. You wanna talk tough? Do tough things. Dude's all Rod, no balls.

Iván Rodriguez (NY Yankees) vs. Torii Hunter (Anaheim Angels)
WINNER: Torii Hunter
COMPLEX SAYS: When a guy has five inches and 35 lbs. on you (seventh-inning-stretch pause), you should think twice about scrapping with him, even if he shoves you from behind. "Pudge" looks a lot less sturdy ever since he cut back on the steroids slimmed down.

Matt DeSalvo (Staten Island Yankees) vs. Andy Wilson (Brooklyn Cyclones)
COMPLEX SAYS: It's obviously more fun to see an overpaid Yankees star get rocked, but when money's tight, we'll settle for watching one of their short-season single-A "Baby Bombers" catch it.