Sports fans, say hi to the bad guy, Brock Lesnar!

Just like your colon, sports need an asshole. This weekend, mixed martial arts found its attention-grabbing, shit-popping sphincter when former WWE fake wrestler-turned-fighter Brock Lesnar managed to piss off everyone at UFC 100. Big Lez retained his heavyweight title by brutalizing Frank Mir, who'd beaten him 17 months earlier, then taunted his bloodied, defeated foe. The Mandalay Bay crowd turned on the gentleman champ and booed, at which point he middle finger-blasted them. As if he hadn't been enough of a dick already, in a post-match interview, he squeezed out a stinky on sponsor Bud Light, saying he prefers Coors Light "because Bud Light won't pay me." Finally, he talked about mounting his wife later that night. Though UFC president Dana White claims he was incensed and tore his asshole champ a new one, we all know the organization is fortunate to have a hated star to market.

With Lesnar's emergence as a bad boy, Complex got to thinking about the other athletes who stand out as the current villain of their sport. Check out our list and let us know if there's somebody you think is a bigger bad boy. We can handle it. After all, we love the hate...


CYCLING: Lance Armstrong
• In his most recent Nike commercial, cancer survivor and suspected steroid user Armstrong implies that anyone who says he's an arrogant doper hates cancer patients. Hey, you'd be a dick too if you had only one nut.


FOOTBALL: Michael Vick
• In Vick's defense, the convicted dogfighter didn't kill any human beings. Then again, convicted man-slaughterer Donte Stallworth never owned a "rape stand."


• Ron-Ron will always be notorious for the brawl in Detroit, but we don't think he's a bad guy because he punched some stupid drunk fans. Forcing us to listen to his god-awful rap songs though? That is some nefarious shit.


BASEBALL: Manny Ramirez
• Major League Baseball's latest poster boy for steroids has barely apologized for taking juicing and attempting to mask it with a female fertility drug, but then when have you known a woman to admit she was wrong?


SOCCER: El Hadji Diouf
• It's easy to hate a pretty boy like Christiano Ronaldo, but when it comes to villainy, he ain't got spit on Senegalese Blackburn Rovers striker/right wing El Hadji Diouf, who's been suspended and fined for all the fans and players he's gotten spit on.


HOCKEY: Sean Avery
• When not agitating foes, fans, and refs on the ice, Avery is reminding other NHL players that they're high sticking his sloppy seconds. Two-for-one digs at opponents and ex-girlfriends—the man is an ice beast!


GOLF: John Daly
• A lovable loser to many, Daly is known less and less for his golfing and increasingly for his bad boy addictions to cigarettes, gambling, dysfunctional marriages, and alcohol (he was once taken into protective custody in North Carolina when he got drunk and passed out in front of Hooters). Wait, did we say he's a villain? We mean he's our hero!


TENNIS: Lleyton Hewitt
• This Aussie-hole denies that he's racist, but at the 2001 U.S. Open Hewitt implied that a line judge was making calls for his opponent, James Blake, because they're both black. Black people, you got served!