So the NBA Draft went down last night, which means that a) a lot of very young men made some very serious money, and b) a lot of interesting fashion choices were made. Thankfully, the age of 8-button Stacy Adams suits is over (unless you're a commentator), so there weren't any egregious missteps, but we figured we'd weigh in. Can it, people, it's 6:15 on a Friday, and we've got places to be. Read on for the best and worst suits from the 2009 NBA Draft...



Blake Griffin
• Nice subtle matching pattern on the tie and shirt. Just leave the Clippers hat off, unless you like looking like John Cena.


Hasheem Thabeet
• Okay, we admit the suit is shiny. But he actually kinda pulls it off. And you can't Thabeet that with a bat!


James Harden
• Call us crazy, but we like the Southern lawyer look, lapel piping included. LIke a young James Earl Jones!


Austin Daye
• Points for daring. Seriously. That aquamarine ensemble takes some serious bravado.


Rodrique Beaubois
• When in doubt, just dress like a senator--even if you're French. Though minor demerits for the pocket square not quite matching the tie. No chromo!



Stephen Curry
• Sorry, but he looks like a 12-year-old coming out of church. Keep it simple, youngun'. And lose the vest before we ask you to do our taxes.


Brandon Jennings
• We've definitely seen that suit before--in a Times Square electronics store, when he tried to sell us a Coby DVD player that had an alarm clock built in to it.


Terrence Williams
• How NOT to do a shiny silver suit. From Sean John's "Canal Street outlet."


Christian Eyenga
• Three-button suits aren't a problem...except when you're nine feet tall and apparently terrify David Stern.


Tyler Hansbrough
• We didn't think it was possible for his neck to look any bigger, but he found the collar that could do it. Also, and this has nothing to do with the suit, but does he have seven fingers on each hand? Watch out, ladies of Naptown!