2010 Cadillac CTS-V
Just because General Motors went bankrupt and is now partially owned by us, the American people, that doesn't mean, they've given up all hope of making cool cars. Yeah, we know, it's kinda hard to say without cracking up, but we're serious. It seems right as they faced the worst year in their 101 year history, they started making cars people actually cared about. Like the now gone Pontiac G8. And the all-new Cadillac CTS-V.

Test on the famed Nürburgring in Germany, the CTS-V was built to be the best production performance sedan on the market, and we'll be damned if it isn't at least in the top 3. To really test it out, we got a chance to take the CTS-V around the track at the Monticello Race Way in Monticello, New York. Read our full review and watch track day video below...

PRICE: (Base) $57,920, (As tested) $68,135

Engine: 556, HP 6.2L Supercharged V8
MPG: 12 city/18 hwy

RIDE: When creating the CTS-V, it's obvious Cadillac wanted to build a car that would be as comfortable in bumper-to-bumper traffic as it would rounding an apex on a track, and for the most part they've succeeded. The CTS-V comes equipped with driver controllable four wheel independent suspension with magnetic ride control. From the driver seat you can adjust the stiffness of the suspension by switching it to either "Tour" or "Sport" mode. Tour for your everyday driving and Sport for more spirited, performance driving. That said, while on the track the car felt comfortable enough in Tour mode to hold its own. But once switched to sport, you automatically sense a more firm and able ride with much less body roll. However, that doesn't mean you can feel every hole in the road. It's still a Cadillac and it rolls accordingly—nice and smooth.

But all that doesn't matter once you floor the throttle. Open up the supercharged V8, wait for the rear end to settle a bit and then hold on as the car takes off. The power is limitless. On the highway, at any speed, you can floor it and the V will keep accelerating. 60 mph comes in around 3.9 seconds and 100 comes quickly after that. Suffice to say, you can get yourself in a shit load of trouble with the CTS-V if not careful. Mostly due to the fact that 110 mph feels as stable as surefooted as 30 mph.

EXTERIOR: The CTS-V pulls off a great balancing act. Thanks to its mesh grill, bulging hoodscoop and bodykit (front and rear diffusers), the V looks vastly different from the regular CTS. Seen from a review mirror, it looks like it could effortlessly devour a Civic. It straight up looks vicious. At the same time, it still looks buttoned up enough to roll up to the fanciest of restaurants with. And the 19" aluminum wheels top off the look.

INTERIOR: If the exterior and the sonorous gurgle of the motor didn't alert you to the fact that this wasn't a normal CTS, the interior will. The two front seats are custom made by Recaro and do a great job holding you in place even under the most severe G (lateral pull)loads. They're an $3,400 option, but we highly recommend you tick the box. Like all cars, the CTS has grown. There's more room in the backseat—enough for three grown men to comfortably ride in for a number of hours. But, one of the best features of the interior is the suede steering wheel and shifter. It may not seem that important, but trust, the steering wheel is the one thing you interact with the most in the car and when it's on point, it makes the experience all the better. Coming in a close second is the navigation/entertainment system which, with the push of a button, floats out of the dash to reveal of full touch screen. Yeah, we've seen this trick before, but it's still cool to see.

2010 Cadillac CTS-V

AUDIO: A 5.1, 10 speaker, Bose surround sound system knocked loud enough to drown out the thundering of the engine. Bass came through clear and balanced, so much so we were able to hold a mini concert in a parking lot. Like most new rides, the V offers an integrated iPod/iPhone connection that allows you to control your iPod via the touchscreen. It's not the best UI we've seen, but it's much better than reaching down and fumbling with your iPod while on the road.

WHIP APPEAL: The boy racer has to grow up sometime, and when that time comes, the CTS-V is the perfect car. Heads in the know will give you props for copping the V over one of its competitors.

ONE MORE THING: With all the performance, along with its 4300 lb curb weight, you couldn't possibly think this car was earth-friendly. Nah, not at all. The CTS-V has an average MPG of 15 mpg. And being that it's almost impossible to drive this car responsibly, you will find yourself averaging less than that. You'll be at the pump more often than DMX finds himself in the bing.

SUMMARY: If James Bond was American, this is the car he would drive. 'Nuff said.