After announcing last August that they were looking for a prospective buyer for their Hummer brand, General Motors has finally found a suitor for their failed sport utility brand. So who was the genius that purchased the brand which become synonymous with the destruction of our planet and was hemorrhaging cash faster than Gucci Mane at Magic City? We're not sure, GM won't tell us.

All we know is that they'd have an easier time convincing the public to buy the new AfroMan album than they would convincing them to buy a Hummer. Maybe they could highlight all the good times the public has shared with the car. Don't remember any? Don't worry, we've compiled a couple of our favorite Hummer moments to jog your memory...

Hummer Comes to America, 1991

Originally created as a new age transport vehicle for the armed forces, the AM General's (not to be confused with General Motors) High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (or HMMWV, bka Humvee) was the most raw and rugged SUV you could buy. Well, it would have been if you could buy it. At the behest of some wealthy Humvees (including Cali's future Governor), AM General decided to make civilian versions of the Humvee under the brand name Hummer.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets the First Hummer, 1992

When they finally hit the streets, the first person in line was, of course, Mr. Terminator himself. We know how happy dude was, but he could have gone without shaking his glutes for the audience.

Master P's "Bout Dat" Video, 2000

Be honest—when you saw this video, you wanted a stretch Hummer limo for your prom (along with the strippers). And, come on: "Bentleys and Hummers; lil daddy, we bout dat!"

Criss Angel Transforms a Toy Hummer Into a Real Hummer, 2008

Why was Criss Angel always doing magic tricks in parking lots in Vegas? Oh yeah, he's a douche.

The Hummer Goes Electric!, 2009

What, you thought Arnold was gonna give up his Hummer just because they're supposedly bad for the planet? FOH! That's like him not doing Terminator 3 just because he was too old to play the part and the story made less sense than DJ Webstar having his own label. Before GM kicked the bucket, Arnold went to Washington to speak on behalf of Raser Electrics 100 mpg (as long as you didn't drive more than 60 miles) EV Hummer.