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Man down...lay the FUCK down!

Well, that was quick. In last week's Complex 7 with Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquiao, perhaps we shoulda asked Ricky: "What's your favorite lullaby?" 'Cause Pac-Man rocked that dude to SLEEP. We would never glory in another man's downfall, but sometimes you gotta appreciate the terrible beauty of a knockout punch.

Poor Ricky is just one of countless fighters who've been on the receiving end of a one-piece (with biscuit). We've seen many boxers get knocked da fuck out!!! through the years but we condensed the list to fit our LL Cool J-inspired headline. Hey, it's what we do. To see a bunch of awesome clips of boxing killshots, see below...

FIGHT: Mike Tyson KO Trevor Berbick, 11/22/86