If you're not the a hockey fan, you might have missed Alex Ovechkin's celebration last night after scoring his 50th goal of the season (is that a lot? Sounds like a lot.). He threw his stick down on the ice, pretended it was too hot to pick back up; standard stuff, really. The only problem was that he's a Washington Capital, and he did this in Tampa in front of Lightning fans, so all the Floridians who care about artificial ice got their panties in a twist about it.

We don't care either way, we just like seeing athletes be disrespectful--which is why we pulled some of the all-time great instances together for all the rest of you who don't spend their Thursday night watching Caps-Lightning games. Least surprising news ever: Terrell Owens appears in more than one clip...

Alexander Ovechkin's Hot Stick

Randy Moss' Moon Over My Hammy Lambeau Field

T.O.'s Double Stellar Eclipse

The Patriots' Boston Teabag Party in San Diego

Although the video is unclear, the Patriots ended the Charges season in 2007, and then danced on the Chargers logo at midfield. Not cool.

Anquan Boldin's Facial Disgracial in KC

T.O. Mocketh the Ravens: "Nevermore!"