A-Rod knows there's no "i" in "team," but there sure is one in "liar"!

All athletes lie. They're tortured by losses; the weed/coke/gun/child porn wasn't theirs; they didn't know it was illegal to drink a bottle of tequila and drive over a pedestrian; getting punched in the face by a teammate brought everyone together. Nobody is surprised by little white lies like these because they're so common, but sometimes athletes get caught in the BIG ONES.

Starting with New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez's shocking steroid revelations, this week has been a non-stop parade of athlete scandals thanks to the exposure of half truths and outright lies. Revisit the ugly truth with Complex and decide who is this week's most offensive liar...
• The 41-year-old former MLB second baseman allegedly has full-blown AIDS and lied to himself and his girlfriend, Ilya Dall, who he dated from 2002-2008, insisting they have unprotected sex despite physical signs that he might be HIV-positive (cold sores, a blood disorder linked to AIDS, erectile dysfunction, thrush, a chronic cough and fatigue). In a $15 million negligence suit, she alleges that Alomar was raped by two men when he was 17 and, despite the aforementioned reasons for concern, didn't get tested until January 2006. We don't yet know if he selfishly and stupidly put his lady's life at risk or if Dall, who runs a Queens massage spa, is a slanderous golddigger, but we do know somebody has a date with Satan.

• The California State Athletic Commission revoked the boxer's license, as well as his trainer's, for tampering with his hand wraps prior to his January 24 fight against Shane Mosley. Margarito's hands were properly re-wrapped minutes before the fight and "Sugar" Shane went on to TKO him in the 9th round. Upon further inspection, investigators found an illegal component in his knuckle pads, and Margarito tried to play dumb and lay all blame on his trainer but the commissioners weren't stupid enough to believe him. In retrospect, he realizes he should have punched them in their heads repeatedly first before making his case.

• The All-Star Houston Astros shortstop pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the use of performance-enhancing drugs in professional baseball. In 2005, he told House investigators that he didn't know anyone in baseball who used PEDs, but there is now evidence that he spoke to a teammate in Oakland about his steroid use and copped human growth hormone off him. Apparently the brain, like the balls, does not get bigger when you use HGH.

• In 2007, A-Rod told CBS news anchor Katie Couric and the many baseball fans on his jock that he'd never taken steroids because he'd never felt overmatched. After Sports Illustrated reported that he tested positive for steroids in an anonymous 2003 survey, he told ESPN he took steroids from 2001-2003 because he wanted to live up to his monster contract, everybody else was doing it and the she-men he beds were routinely beating him in arm wrestling foreplay.

• The gunslingin' New York Jets quarterback is retiring. Again. No, seriously. This time he really thinks he'll be content to spend his days hunting and his nights sitting by a fire, resting his head in John Madden's lap while Peter King rubs his feet. But just to be safe, check back in in when NFL preseason starts.

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