Paging Captain Knick: we think there's something in the water at Madison Square Garden, and it ain't the winning formula. Somewhere (likely his casket) Red Holzman's rolling over in his grave (again), because yet another Knickerbocker is at the center of a sex scandal.

First things first: at this point the allegations in the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against New York's belittled center Eddy Curry yesterday are just that'allegations. But they're totally bizarre, and given the Knicks' recent history, totally in keeping with the spirit of the team (OK, so the loaded gun and the Cam'ron lyrical references are a new touch). Don't believe us? Peruse our history of Knicks sex scandals and judge for yourself...

EDDY CURRY AND HIS DRIVER<span style="color: red;"></span>
• Curry's hired driver of three years David Kuchinsky alleges that the chronically overweight and under-rebounding Knick propositioned him multiple times, including approaching him in the nude and asking him to "come and touch it." Kuchinsky's lawsuit also claims that Curry called him a "cracker" and, almost as bad, pointed a loaded gun at him on two occasions. If true, these allegations would make Kuchinsky the second most abused driver in the Tri-State area's NBA history.

ISIAH THOMAS AND ANUCHA BROWNE SANDERS<span style="color: red;"></span>
• The Knicks were forced to pay Sanders $11.6 million to settle the sexual harassment suit she filed against Thomas. A former team executive, Sanders alleged that Thomas called her a bitch after she spurned his sexual advances. Fortunately Knicks fans do not face similar punishment for calling Thomas a bitch for spurning any semblance of common sense in constructing a basketball team.

ANTHONY MASON AND THE UNDERAGE GIRLS<span style="color: red;"></span>
• In 1998 Mason pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges after he and his cousin were initially charged with statutory rape for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old and 15-year-old girl. The more serious charges against Mason were dropped after DNA tests failed to link him to the girls (to this day prosecutors are miffed that pictures of the phrase "Mase was here" written in the girls' hair were deemed inadmissable).

PATRICK EWING AND THE GOLD CLUB<span style="color: red;"></span>
• Yes Virginia, there is sex in the champagne room (provided you're a 7 foot tall multimillionaire basketball star). Knick icon Ewing was the first athlete to testify in the prostitution trial of the owners of Atlanta's Gold Club, who were alleged to have paid dancers at their strip joint to service high profile clients. Pat copped to receiving two blowjobs, but denied being a john since he didn't pay for anything (makes sense to us).

STEPHON MARBURY AND THE INTERN<span style="color: red;"></span>
• During the Thomas-Sanders sexual harassment trial, it came to light that the Knicks star-crossed point guard had had sex with a team intern in the back of his SUV. The intern freely conceded to a tryst with Stephon (unconfirmed accounts of her testimony claim that she admitted to "passing about as much as he does"). However she vehemently denied manufacturing and selling bootleg Starburys.

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