The holidays are a wrap, and the first day back at work can be a huge bummer. But there is a way to beat this massive case of the Mondays: start planning for the next vacation! Miami in February is a must, but if you have some Christmas cash, a weekend skiing/snowboarding excursion is a great way spend it.

Don't know where to go? Well, Complex recently compiled a special report on the best winter resorts in the U.S. and Canada. Check out the top 8 mountains and all the details below...

• Closest City: Salt Lake City
• Season: Nov. 22-April 12
• Annual Snowfall: 360"
• Ticket Price: $79 (Day)
Best For: Varied skill levels, hot tubs (with girls in them), and Mormons

Park City is a cab ride from the SLC airport, boasts one of the strangest (while still entertaining) nightlife scenes in the U.S., and is chock-full of bored rich chicks looking for fun. Oh, and the resort has a world-class snowboard park if you're looking to get your jump on.

• Closest City: NYC
• Season: Mid Dec.-Mid March
• Annual Snowfall: 65"
• Ticket Price: $62 (Day)
Best For: Learning how to ride park

The Creek has minimal vertical but one of the best jib setups in the country (minus the hoodrats). It's about an hour outside of NYC, which makes it the ultimate day trip for city heads.

• Closest City: Burlington, VT
• Season: Mid Nov.-Late April
• Annual Snowfall: 200"
• Ticket Price: $77 (Day)
• Best For: Halfpipe and cruisers

This season Okemo's perfectly-shaped halfpipe gets taken up a notch, thanks to a laser-guided Pipe Dragon grooming machine. The East Coast can get icy, but this resort has snowmaking and grooming on lock.

• Closest City: Denver
• Season: Nov. 14-April 19
• Annual Snowfall: 282"
• Ticket Price: $86 (Day)
• Best For: All-mountain riding, and getting really good at rails

This winter, the skate camp Woodward opens its first snow-training facility at Copper, which will make the resort a must-stop for anyone trying to take it to the next level. Combine that with the resort's impressive terrain and you can line yourself up a nice little vacation.

• Closest City: Los Angeles/Las Vegas
• Season: Nov.-June
• Annual Snowfall: 400"
• Ticket Price: $83 (Day)
• Best For: Everything. And it's warm a lot.

The worst part about Mammoth used to be getting there, but thanks to Horizon Air's new flights into nearby Mammoth Yosemite Airport, the six-hour drive from LAX is just a memory. This mountain has the world class parks, the powder bowls, and the cruisers. Get involved.

• Closest City: Vancouver
• Season: Nov. 27-June 14
• Annual Snowfall: 402"
• Ticket Price: $84 (Day)
• Best For: Crazy backcountry, park, and an awesome town

Whistler is consistently rated as one of the top resorts in the world for both on and off the hill antics, and this season a gondola connects the two super peaks. The 2010 Olympics prep is in full swing, so get in there before it gets even nuttier.

• Closest City: Spokane, WA
• Season: Dec. 20-April 5
• Annual Snowfall: it never stops
• Ticket Price: $700 (Day)
• Best For: Expert powder riding

Helicopter your way into the middle of nowhere to this ski lodge, which has top-notch accommodations, awesome food, and mountains of untracked powder that will officially scare the shit out of you.

• Closest City: Salt Lake City (Fly into Jackson, though)
• Season: Nov. 29-April 5
• Annual Snowfall: 459"
• Ticket Price: $87 (Day)
• Best For: Powder, expert terrain, and the town scene

Jackson Hole's tram just re-opened, which means fast access to top-to-bottom runs. Invest in quitting your job and moving here full time. If you need some reinforcement, check out our rundown here.

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