The Nike Air Max line is one of the most important sneaker lines in history. From 1987, when Tinker Hatfield's Air Max 1 introduced the world to visible Air units through a tiny window in the midsole to the full-length bubbles introduced with 2017's VaporMax, the shoes have consistently represented Nike innovation at its finest.

Over the years, the various designs have developed cult followings around the world and become fixtures that people dedicate their whole sneaker collections to acquiring. The pairs that line shopping mall shelves are just as popular with the everyday consumer as the hard-to-get collaborations are with connoisseurs. Nike even crafted its own holiday to celebrate the Air Max legacy: March 26 is now known as Air Max Day in the sneaker world. 

With over two decades of Air Max silhouettes to choose from, we decided to rank the 20 best. Check out the full list below.