Collaborations have become such a ubiquitous part of sneaker culture that it’s hard to truly stand out—colorway and material flips just don’t feel as special anymore. Cynthia Lu’s Cactus Plant Flea Market designs may not be for everyone, but it would be hard to say they don’t command attention. Leaked images of this upcoming CPFM collab exhibit a characteristically unorthodox take on what appears to be a Nike Dunk, with quilted suede panels and a Swoosh that extends over the midsole. Taking things a step further, as Lu’s work is wont to do, the typical Dunk midsole has been covered with a heavily textured moss-like coating that extends up and on to the upper. The flat bottom it creates gives the shoe a vulcanized appearance, although the images seem to show a standard Dunk outsole. This isn’t Lu’s first work on the Dunk, either; her Swarovski crystal encrusted models landed on our Most Expensive Sneakers of 2020 list. —Zac Dubasik