Having spent more time than I care to calculate, studying and screen grabbing from every episode of Seinfeld with the intensity of Mr. Pitt and the magic eye poster, I feel qualified to write on the topic of Jerry Seinfeld's shoes. Despite concerns at the time regarding overdosing on Nikes and my favorite sitcom, at the present time, I'm surrounded by new clusters of shoe boxes and I still catch an episode every single day. If Michael Richards' racist buffoonery wasn't going to stop me watching, nothing would.

You see, Jerry Seinfeld is bigger than all this sneaker stuff, yet he's the greatest sneaker-centric celebrity that has ever lived. Does anybody really care what some modern athlete or actor breaks out nowadays? Everyone's on the same seeding program, looking for some Instagram or Snapchat shine. The majority of footwear in the spotlight is from the past anyway. Now celebrities in sneakers are all clickbait—"YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHO WORE THE THIRD REISSUE OF A SHOE FROM 25 YEARS AGO!"

When it comes to sitcoms and sneakers, there are other contenders. Will Smith wore pretty much anything good between 1990 and 1996 on NBC and Martin Lawrence showcased incredible sneakers on Fox between 1992 and 1997. But Smith was fresh-dressed since his Le Coq Sportif-clad rap days, while Lawrence was there to goad "Buggin' Out" when his Air Jordan IVs got dogged back in 1989. I expected them to wear something great.