Nothing feels better than a new pair of shoes. Nothing feels worse than getting those shoes dirty. But just as nothing stays new forever (unless you never wear your sneakers), dirt stains aren't permanent, either. Learning how to clean your sneakers is a badge of honor. Just like watering your plants or getting exercise and following a diet, it's healthy to maintain your sneakers over time.

While some sneakers do look better with a bit of wear, no sneaker looks good with food stains or mud on them. To get a better idea of how to clean your sneakers and keep them in tip-top shape, we talked to sneaker cleaning guru and co-founder of sneaker cleaning brand SneakersER Rob Stewart.

Below are his techniques to clean every part of your shoe. From a quick wipe down, to waterproofing, and more advanced process like unfogging an Air bubble or making sure your midsole doesn't crumble. In a day and age where you see people wearing cooked Air Force 1s, this is how you can avoid that plague.

All illustrations by Naomi Otsu