About once a week, Matt heads to eBay.com.au and runs a search for whatever sneaker is currently topping the resale market—at the moment, it’s the adidas Yeezy Boost 350. With an eye sharpened by hundreds of hours spent examining replicas, he picks out the listings for fake sneakers and sends messages to the sellers, requesting that they take them down. If they don’t (and they never do), Matt reports the listings to eBay. They’re usually gone within a few hours.

Who is this fake sneaker highway policeman? An adidas hired gun, maybe, or a kid who was burned by fakes and has now made it his mission to banish them from the ’Bay?

Not exactly.

Matt, 18, is the co-founder of /r/repsneakers, Reddit’s biggest replica sneaker subreddit. “I pretty much exclusively wear fakes,” Matt says. Of his 35 pairs of sneakers, he says only 10 are real. Along with /r/repsneakers’ thousands of subscribers or “repheads,” Matt is part of a growing community of sneaker collectors who, tired of rising resale prices and impressed by increasingly high-quality fakes, have begun to openly and proudly collect replicas—fake sneakers.

This feature originally appears in Complex's October/November issue.