Almost every sneakerhead in the game knows the feeling. You cop a pair online, but when it arrives, you’re starting to wonder if that deal you got really was too good to be true. 

To alleviate our stresses, eBay Australia has announced a new move, set to give sneakerheads extra piece of mind when copping online. The platform’s Authenticity Guarantee program – rolled out for the US market in October 2020 – will be coming soon to Australia.

Rather than rely on your own discriminating eye, eBay will be teaming with third-party authenticator Sneaker Con to ensure you’ll be receiving Yeezys, not fleezys.

The Australian launch of the Authenticity Guarantee program will roll out in two phases. First, Australians will be granted access to US listings of authenticated sneakers. Second, eBay and Sneaker Con will set up their own authentication facility right here in Australia. And best of all, to start out there will be no additional fees to sellers or buyers for the authentication process.

For now, eBay is extending the invitation to anyone flipping sneakers to email and set up their eBay store in preparation for the program touching down in AU.