Release Date: July 3
Price: $130

Will we actually need sneakers when humans finally escape this hellish rock? One hopes that by then we'll be blasting by on jetpacks in low-gravity environments or just floating around peacefully while "The Blue Danube" plays via the microchips embedded in our brains, but Nike still deserves credit for imagining what footwear might look like on the final frontier. Its Space Hippie line of shoes, which debuted this summer, is meant to look like something a human might construct with limited resources while stranded on a distant planet. Their design brief itself is a reminder of how limited resources are here on Earth. They aren't just galactic fantasy products, though, they are Nike's lowest carbon footprint shoes ever. Often this kind of environmentally-minded shoe doesn't generate much noise in sneakerhead circles, but the Space Hippie won over that crowd with a Tom Sachs-esque look and silhouettes that feel forward-thinking. With our feet still firmly on the ground, this may be the closest we get to space for now. —Brendan Dunne