Release Date: October 17
Price: $180

Year in and year out, the new Air Jordan game shoe occupies a unique space of simultaneously being one of (if not the) best-performing basketball shoes of the year, and a shoe that few collectors give a second thought to. The Air Jordan 35 has already been on the feet of many NBA players, and will continue to be throughout the next season—but it also will inevitably end up on sale racks. Hype, in the sense we’ve come to know it in the sneaker world, isn’t really the point of a new Air Jordan model, though. It simply “has to be the best playing shoe, period,” according to its designer, Tate Kuerbis. Based on my experience playing in the model, that objective was achieved here. It’s a perfect example of Jordan Brand taking something that was already great, in the Eclipse Plate tech introduced in the Air Jordan 34, and refining and evolving it based on player feedback to further realize the concept. —Zac Dubasik