The Best General Release Sneakers Of 2024 (So Far)

From the 'Industrial Blue' Air Jordan 4, to New Balance 100, we're taking a look back at some the best sneakers that were actually accessible from the first half of the year.

The image showcases the headline "The Best General Release Sneakers of 2024 (so far)" with images of three sneakers on the right
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It’s no secret that when it comes time to rank the best sneakers of a given decade, year, or even (in this case) six-month period, the most limited and hyped products typically end up near the top. Scroll through these kinds of best-of lists at this publication, or any others that dedicate many thousands of words to dissecting sneakers and their cultural impact, and you’ll find top spots snagged by shoes that often feel unattainable.

Yes, Travis Scott’s Jordans are cool, but how cool are they when nobody can really get them? Sure, Virgil Abloh perfected the sneaker-to-designer crossover by bringing Nike and Louis Vuitton together, but the tier of exclusivity that project existed on made it almost, well, nonexistent.

So this time, Complex is dedicating some space to the best general release sneakers, the best stuff that you feel like you can actually buy without the assistance of a bot, bribes, or major clout at your local sneaker store. This group is what we feel are the best, biggest, relatively accessible non-collab sneakers to come out so far in 2024.

Their “general release” status is a bit difficult to quantify—sneaker brands are notoriously protective of information about just how many pairs they produce of a given style. And some of these things are relative—there are clearly more of the “Military Blue” Air Jordan 4s than there are for a more neighborhood-style drop like the “Ultramarine” Nike Air 180. (And clearly a brand like New Balance is going to make even fewer.) Also, just because the shoes landed on this list doesn’t mean we’re saying they’re easy to get. Sneaker collecting is a mainstream hobby these days, so even if Nike makes 999,999 pairs, you might be battling against a million people to get them. Hopefully you got them, or hopefully you’ll find some good sneakers here that don’t demand too much effort to actually enjoy.

The image showcases the headline "The Best General Release Sneakers of 2024 (so far)" with images of three sneakers on the right

10. Nike Air Max Dn 'All Night'

9. New Balance 1906R 'Licorice'

8. ASICS 1130 'White/Silver'

7. Nike Air 180 'Ultramarine'

6. New Balance 1000 'Black/Silver'

5. Nike Air Foamposite One 'Eggplant'

4. Nike Kobe 8 'Venice Beach'

3. Air Jordan 4 'Industrial Blue'

2. Adidas AE 1 'All Star'

1. Air Jordan 4 'Bred Reimagined'