Nike Made Victor Wembanyama's Alien Logo Into a Legit Crop Circle

Coinciding with the solar eclipse this week.

Via Nike

Victor Wembanyama is having one of the best individual NBA rookie seasons ever. The San Antonio Spurs star bigman is currently leading all rookies in points, rebounds, blocks, and steals, and is the top contender to win the Rookie of the Year award. With all that being said, it should come as no surprise that Nike, which officially signed him to a multi-year deal back in October, is going all in on the promotion of its endorsee.

The Swoosh unveiled Wembanyama's signature logo during the same time that the solar eclipse swept across North America on Monday. In true Nike fashion, the brand released a video campaign showcasing Wemby's "Alien" logo officially for the first time in the form of a crop circle. It appears the work was done by Precision Mazes, a firm based in Missouri that produces legit crop circles for clients. The logo features a design that resembles a basketball, but at the center is an alien graphic with dual Swooshes on the sides. It's also worth mentioning that Wemby's "Alien" nickname was bestowed on him by LeBron James as a way to describe his freakish talent.

Wembanyama quietly wore a PE version of the Nike GT Hustle 2 that featured his "Alien" logo during this year's NBA All-Star Weekend. The aforementioned sneaker (pictured below) uses a simple variation of the logo unveiled this week, with only the alien's head stamped on the heel.

Athlete tying laces of black and green sneakers before a game, sitting in a locker room

At the time of writing, Wembanyama's GT Hustle 2 PE is also rumored to be hitting retailers soon, but official details on the drop haven't been confirmed by Nike. Check out Wembanyama's new signature logo in the video below.