First Look // Li-Ning Way of Wade 2 Design Direction

Dwyane Wade's newest shoe is near, featuring an all-new Dazzle Camo inspired by World War ship artwork.

words // Nick DePaula

The next evolution of the Li-Ning Way Of Wade is near. 

Once again featuring Dwyane Wade's precise direction, input and style throughout, the shoe will also feature an all-new Dazzle Camo, inspired by artwork found on World War ships and drafting from DWade's game.

Way of Wade Designer Eric Miller breaks down the design direction for us: 

“Dazzle Camo was painted on the body of ships in World War I as a deceptive camouflage. It didn't blend you in, it made you stand out more. If you were the captain of a rival ship looking ahead, you could identify an oncoming ship that had this print, but you couldn't tell what course it was, what speed it was going or what direction it was going. It was a deceptive print, and with Dwyane's game, you don't know if he's going to pull up and shoot, if he's going to drive and attack the rim or if he's going to find his teammates. His game comes at you from all different angles and ways, but you can't figure him out. That's where he finds his success, and you'll see this print throughout the season to tell that story.”