Lululemon Is Opening A Store Geared to Men in NYC

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Incase you needed any further proof that man tights are indeed becoming a thing, Lululemon is opening a store in New York City specifically geared to men.

Lululemon, of course, is most well known for the yoga pants they make for women. However, with a line of tights for men now, as well as other athletic apparel, the brand is broadening its consumer target. According to Felix del Toro, SVP of Lululemon Men's, the brand envisions the ideal customer as being "in his 30s, confident, accomplished, goal-oriented, and self-assured."

The 1,600 square foot store is set to open its doors at 27 Prince St in SoHo on Black Friday. According to Del Toro, the space will have floor-to-ceiling windows and will focus on weathered concrete, wood and glass. The store will also have two sound systems and two projectors which will play a "men-specific playlist." As far as special features, the store will offer a "joinery," which allows customers to give shorts customized liners.

Make sure to check out Lululemon's all-male store on Black Friday and look for two more locations to open up in Santa Monica and Miami before the end of the year.


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