You'll Never Need to Buy Another Pair of Sneakers Again if This Happens

This innovative technology could change the way we buy sneakers. Find out more about +Rehabstudio's Shift Sneaker project here.

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While sneaker technology continues to push forward at a rapid pace, one company has developed a color-shifting concept that could end up being the biggest advancement of them all.

As part of +Rehabstudio's Hackweek, the UK-based creative team have presented what they call the Shift Sneaker. It all starts with an unconventional idea: In the future, a single pair of sneakers will serve an endless amount of uses. Or, as +Rehabstudios puts it, "When you buy a single pair of sneakers, you will actually be buying 1 million pairs."

It all starts with a combination of high-tech fibers, conductive woven threads, and advanced textiles like miniature LED lights. In other words, it's essentially an advanced version of what Google and Levi's are doing with jeans, which means it's actually more of a possibility than one might think.

The idea is that 'heads would be able to use a smartphone app known as the "Pack Store" to download and apply various designs to their kicks. Some of the examples +Rehabstudio has provided include a "Selfie Pack" that matches your sneakers to your outfit, a "Running Pack" that changes colors based on your performance, and a "Connection Pack" that allows you to match with another user.

From a sneakerhead standpoint, this is pretty exciting stuff. Although it could spell the end of sneaker customization as we know it, it would also open up the door to endless possibilities. Too bad there isn't an app that keeps your toe box crispy. More information on the idea can be found here.